About us

Peyman Khotoot Shargh is an Iranian Well-Known Knowledge-Based technological company who provides solutions in control and monitoring systems, dispatching and SCADA in Infrastructure industries like electricity, oil, gas, petrochemicals, Rail, Water, Wastewater and Metal Industries. These experiences and expertise in addition to the ability to provide specialized engineering services, has led to the production of high-tech equipment such as Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) PLC, Power Meter, Smart Transducer and special Substation Automation software. In fact, the orientation of Peyman Khotoot Shargh is providing equipment and services and the implementation of intelligence in the aforementioned infrastructure industries with strong and high references in industries. Other activities of this company includes specialized implementation of signal conditioning with the aim of preparing information for control and monitoring systems and automation.

PKS activities

 Designer and manufacturer of SCADA and Automation Hi-Tech equipment like RTU, Power Meter, Smart Power Transducer

 Designer, equipment supplier and senior executive in power Substation Automation System (PKS_SAS)

 Designer, provider and implementation of control and dispatching center

 Signal conditioning and interfacing services in field of all sites in infrastructure industries